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Handheld VHF & 2 Meter Amateur Radio Tranceiver 5watt, TYT TH-F5 Ham Radio

VHF & 2 meter Handheld 5W transceiver, Fre Range of 136-174Mhz .
Direct Keypad Freq & function entry.
128 AlphaNumeric memory channels, Scan modes, PL & DPL (ctcss/dcs), selectable step rates & repeater shift.

Has regular Amateur SMA antenna jack, & a “Kenwood Style” 2-pin speakermike jack, for compatibility w/ many aftermarket accessories.
Optional PC programming cable available.. 5W / 2W / 1W Output settings, Keypad Lock & more.

Product Features

  • Two Meter & VHF Amateur Radio transceiver with 5W/2W/1W Transmit Output settings!
  • 128 AlphaNumeric Memory Channels, ctcss & dcs (PL & DPL)!
  • Package Deal INCLUDES Drop-in Desktop Quick Charger, 1500mA LiOn HiCapacity Battery & Antenna!
  • 136-174Mhz, – Also Receivs Regular FM Broadcast 87-108Mhz too!
  • VOX, Power-on Password Protect, Direct Key Freq & Functions entry, Keypad lock & more!
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  1. David, 27 October, 2013

    Nice package First off I want to say it feels solid. Unlike the Motorola one I had that had parts rattling in it from day one and lasted 6 months. I have been using it at work with a headset as well. It accepts all headset/speaker combos that use a Kenwood style jack. I have gotten great reception with this radio and my coworkers have all commented on how clear my transmissions are with or without the headset. I can also listen to the FM radio and transmit/receive on a VHF band at the same time. It is…

  2. WXR watcher “Hooked on Amazon”, 27 October, 2013

    A great 2-meter transceiver. For the price the TYT TH-F5 is hard to beat. Anyone that is looking for a good starter HAM radio… this is it. As a first responder backup communication is a must. So when the power goes out and the cell-towers are jammed this can be a life saver. Oh I bought two. His and Hers.You will need to have a Ham license.

  3. Stphs326, 27 October, 2013

    Not a “User friendly” experience.. I purchased this radio as my first ham radio after passing the test. I was anxious to use the radio but sat and read the manual.. a few times. But I suddenly realized, no matter how much I read the manual, it still was “Hit and Miss” at best. For example, I wanted to program a local repeater’s freq, so I looked in the manual, and on page 19 it says, “The desired frequency can be input directly by the keypad too, please refer to “Keypad Input Directly”. Guess what? I couldn’t find a page that…

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