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Falcon New 5000 Watt High Power 11 Meter Dipole Cb Radio Base Station Antenna

Product Description
This is the Highest Power 1/2 Wave Dipole Antenna We Have Ever Had.

This is an Indoor, Outdoor apartment, house, condo, attic or garage CB, Citizens Band Radio Transmitting antenna. It is made to be hung in the rafters or from the ceilings. Or outside on the roof, or between 2 trees or the side of a wall, or whatever you can imagine.

It will handle up to 5000 watts PEP and comes pretuned. These can be mounted almost any where, and in any shape, horizontal, vertical, in a V or an L they work. Talk about a stealth base station antenna this is it. Comes with full instructions that shows different ways it can be mounted. This is probably the second Cheapest / Least Expensive Base Station Antenna you can buy. Comes with tuning instructions for adjusting the SWR

Product Features

  • Use for AM, FM, USB, LSB, Radios.
  • Weather Tight Indoor Outdoor Design
  • New High Power Version Now 5000 Watts Maximum.
  • Works With Any CB Radio UK or USA
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  1. Larry Leach, 18 July, 2013

    Amazing performance I was looking for a stealthy way to put up an antenna for my CB radio and not spend a lot of money either and this fit the bill. I’ve had this antenna for about a month now and have done some experimenting with different configurations. This antenna is really built for skipping. I wanted to be able to get local reception as well as DX. I was amazaed at how well this receives long-range even when in a complete vertical configuration.I did have some trouble getting the SWR in a good range…

  2. P. Landry “J. P. Landry”, 18 July, 2013

    Excellent This is a nice tight design that is very flexible. It is perfect for installation in an attic and I have gotten superb reception with it. As every amateur knows, you can shorten this to work on 2 meters very easily. Got 1.25:1 SWR on 29 MHZ right off the bat. Tested it out on a CB base station and got the same excellent results. SWR was 1.2:1 with RG8.Very pleased. Will probably buy another for my radio in my Greenhouse.

  3. Anonymous, 18 July, 2013

    11 Meter (CB) Wire Antenna and it works as expected.I have it hidden in the trees and I have to show it to my friends when they come over.when the time comes I will buy another one.

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